Who we are

The Ostevik Lab is committed to fostering an open and collaborative environment for scientific discovery.

We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

Current Lab Members (in order of appearance)

Kate Ostevik

Assistant Professor (she/her)

Google Scholar / Research Gate / LinkedIn

Kate is the principal investigator of the Ostevik Lab. She is interested in all things evolution, especially how new flowering plant species arise!

Email her: kostevik@ucr.edu

Kathy Le

Research Assistant (she/her)

Kathy is interested in biology & all things science, but specifically human biology and the study of Dermatology. Her most recent undergraduate work on “How Does Environmental Temperature Affect Eczema?” sparks her curiosity in environmental sciences as well.

Rebeca Hernández Gutiérrez

Postdoctoral Scholar

Rebeca is interested in evolution, especially in how flowering plants diversify in number and form at macro- and microevolutionary scales

Previous Lab Members

Harshini Lakshminarayanan

Summer Research Intern (she/her)

Harshini is super interested in ecology & biology and is specifically intrigued by environmental influences on organisms!

Banner photo: Penstemon collecting trip in the Sierra Mountains, CA. Photo by Kimmy Stanton.